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太阳集团53138备用网址,Childhood The first time I saw Titanic,maybe I was in 3 or 4 grade.I was a primary student at that time.My cousin watched the DVD in my uncle's home.I remember I have kown some recent history of China,and I hated the foreigners for their barbaric aggretion,such as "八国联军,火烧圆明园". Watching the beginning I felt boring and some kind of scare.Of course,I hardly remembered anything.When I saw Rose released Jack's body and let him sink into the sea,I just thinked of how cruel this foreign woman was! 17 Years Old,Senior 2 As I grow up and become a senior high school student(second grade),I don't hate the foreigners,but have understanded the distance between China and developped countries.I have kown Titanic is a very famous movie across the world.Lack of computer and internet,even money,I just wathched it by chance(having a foreboding that something exciting would happen on that TV station ),on a night of weekend,showing on Pearl,from 9 pm to 1am.My gramma seemed to remember what my uncle told him that the movie was made by a ship been really destroyed.She went to sleep then and I held on to finish it. Of course,I could remember most of the plot at that time,and I did write an English passage to record this experience.I have understanded that,Jack saved Rose out of the confined life as an upper class lady and the rich marrige she didn't want at all(for her family).Jack encouraged her to aspire after the liberty of her personality bravely. And as the story happened in1912,the times before world war one and two,the poor and the rich,the classes among people,the trust and the capitalism,and the women who had more limitations than men. Besides,thanks to the couse of art in senior 1,I catched the detail that Rose had a good taste of art,as she collected the painting of Picasso,Monet.When the ship sinked,there was a picture in the water,dancers, Degas. 2012,21 Years Old (the depression time in university) Then after the collapse in senior 3,the choice before the examination,and I went to scut,joined in Fresh,2012,I watched Titanic in 3D,when it came back in the cinemas again.100-year for the tragedy of Titanic in the fact.More articles came out in an internet era,with a speed up spreading with the social internet tools and net stations. Some time after that,I read a passage in sina.com,weibo,just like this I began to think about some thing,for the nightmares from senior 3 and I brought to my university,the unhappy years. 2016,25 Years Old (work for 2 years,still in some depression and fear) And by now,I can learn more than the liberation of personality,but also love,not onlly"you jump,I jump",it can be"I'll never let go."<The Road Less Traveled> also writes about this.love,incuding admiting separation and death.Go ahead and displine yourself,keep on being mental maturity. 高中看到的是女主的个性解放,和一些历史背景。 理解Rose在后来实现了心愿,追求自己想要的生活,那也是她和Jack谈的过向往。但不理解她怎么会和别人结婚生子。 大学时光在电影院里看12年的3D版但心境远不如从前,没有新感受。12年去南岭前再看了一次,注意到Rose在下救生艇后再次上船和Jack在一起的冲劲。 现在略微可以理解到,就像《少有人走的路》里面说的,爱,也要接受分离和死亡。“为了回报你的爱,我给了自己最精彩的一生。这是不是不完美中的最完美。” 昨天看到这句话,哭了。 2016.07.03 ——————————————————————————————————————————— 'A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets.' 或许Titanic也是在表达灾难前生命的脆弱与可贵,所以要为了爱的人好好活,哪怕这段缘分中有遗憾,make each day count. 其实那时候觉得Rose后来生活的丰盛更多是她的性格思想,这次才注意到,那也是他们之间的promise. “把他放在心底,勇敢地面对生活。” Rose带着这份深埋心底的往事走过84年自由而快乐的岁月,完成承诺,待此生结束,再去报到和Jack相守,很好的结局。 2016.07.09

No matter what people might say about how superficial it is to worship “Titanic” as the best love story in the film history, it is still the number one romantic movie in my heart. The movie was directed by James Cameron, with Leonardo Dicaprio as leading man and Kate Winslet as leading lady. It first came to China in 1998, which caused a tremendous stir among the younger generation. It was right at that time that Chinese society was experiencing a great transformation. The people`s values gradually shifted after images of western lifestyle began flooding the Chinese media. Before that no one had seen that kind of love story on the big screen.

The story is about a seventeen-year-old aristocrat fell in love with a kind, but poor artist on the luxurious, ill-fated ship the Titanic. The limited confines of the ship give them an opportunity to break down the class boundaries, and get to know each other as equal individuals. The girl named Rose is upset about her mother`s arrangement of a marriage between her and a rich American man so that they can carry on their luxurious aristocratic lifestyle after the death of Rose`s father, which has left them plenty of debts. She loves art, fancies some artists who were not that famous at the time, but gained their reputation later on, artists such as Picasso、Monet and Gauguin. She keeps their works in her room. What luxurious decorations! Young Jack is a typical working class man, who plays great poker and is unbridled as a wild horse. He is like a free spirit who leads Rose along the road to freedom. But the unsinkable ship hits an iceberg and sinks. Jack dies leaving Rose only memories of that unforgettable experience. 

The most touching line for me from the movie is not the widely quoted "You jump, I jump.", but what Rose says about her first impression of the ship:" It`s been 84 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint. What happenes that night is soul-stirring. Their story may fade away, but their love will last forever."

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